Analysis of terminology usage for Roma people among Social Work professionals in Romania.

    Social Work, like other fields, uses a sectorial language, called further social assistance language or social assistance specialized vocabulary. The fact that concerned and motivated… [citeşte mai mult]

        Zece categorii de inconsecvenþe semantice prezente în limbajul asistenþei sociale din spaþiul românesc (Ten Categories of Semantic Inconsequentialities in the Romanian Social Work Language).

        Abstract: In its diachronic evolution, the language used in the social work field, transferred from its archaic forms and spiritual orthodox influence, into a language either exclusive and anglicized, or adapted according to medical or judicial models. [citeşte mai mult]

            Ce caută femeile atunci când îşi aleg partenerul.

            Misterul feminin este o temă care a preocupat îndelung cercetările ştiinţifice, dar şi oamenii de rând. Ce anume e în mintea femeilor atunci când îi permit sau nu unui bărbat să le seducă? Dar mai ales ce le influenţează în alegerea bărbatului căruia să-i fie partener de viaţă? Femeile pot alege între… [citeşte mai mult]

                Communication styles and their impact on dimensions of couple relationship among adolescents.

                The experience of their first romantic relationship is very important for each person. Models seen at home, ways to see and handle relationships are reflected in each and every dimension of… [citeşte mai mult]

                    Dyadic Relationship Changes in The Rural Environment – The Role Of Education Versus Mentality.

                    In the last twenty years significant changes have occurred in the rural development of our country leading to a transition from the traditional family to a more modern pattern. These changes manifest in… [citeşte mai mult]

                        Joint effort for early childhood education. A continuous cooperation between family and kindergarten.

                        Pre-primary Education (0-3 years) is part of the first level of school education, named early education, aside to preschool education (3-6 years). Early education providers can be private or public, but it is necessary to be accredited by the Education, Research, Youth and… [citeşte mai mult]

                            Menopause and Sex-Life.

                            Menopause is perceived as one of the most stressful events in the sexual life of women. The present study assesses the intimate relationships of menopausal women and the manner in which the level of anxiety, depression and self esteem influences these… [citeşte mai mult]

                                Parental Involvement in Early Childhood Education – Cooperation between Parents and Children.

                                The present study is part of a larger European project, named TODDLER – Towards Opportunities for Disadvantaged and Diverse Learners on the Early – childhood Road, which analysis the early childhood education in several European countries focusing on the development of… [citeşte mai mult]